Welcome to SSC Safety Surfaces Products

At Safety Surfaces Company we have over ten years experience working within the playground industry and provide playground safety surfacing products and installation services to organisations throughout the UK. Here are our full range of safety surfaces products. Click on a product to get a free on-obligation quote, or contact us for advice on which playground safety surfaces are suitable for your requirements.


Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing

Wet Pour Rubber surfacing can be inlaid in different colours and shapes. It is suitable for all playground installations where impact absorbent surfacing is required up to the appropriate maximum free fall height. It is porous, slip-resistant and non-abrasive.

Artifical Grass

Artificial grass produces a very natural grass like surface. It is hygienic and suitable for undulating ground levels.

Grass Mats (Safer Fall)

Grass mat surfacing is laid over grass or earth and follows the contours of the ground. The surface is fully tested to take a fall height of up to 2500mm and is suitable for most play equipment.

Hard Wood Chips

This type of safety surface can be made of pea shingle, sand, bark or wood peel, for example. Can also be used in garden areas.

Woodland Play

Woodland Play is a bound together permeable safer surface. Benefits of woodland play surfacing include no decay, less moisture loss from soil, reduced weed growth, quick drainage and a natural looking appearance, which follows the contour of undulating ground level.